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Our Staff

Meet The Team

Meir Parry LMSW


Meir started Believe and Achieve in 2014 with a focus on bringing joy and appreciation for sports to kids of all skill levels. Meir received his social work degree from LIU and works as a play therapist. He has been working as the director and head counselor of camps for 6 years. The programs are designed to improve our kids' self esteem and belief in themselves to know they can excel at sports. The programs incorporate innovative and field tested drills and challenges coupled with tracking progress to improve your son's sports skills.
Kids and parents love the trainings because, "We put the fun in sports fundamentals!"

Israel Breuer

Rockland Regional Head

Israel is a sports coach and has worked with kids for over a decade. He started as a counselor and later became a sports leader at camp Yachad in Monsey where he managed sports leagues and trained kids to develop their skills and work together as a team. Israel then worked with kids to help them build social skills and develop courage to do what they truly wish to be able to do. Additionally, his certification in NLP and as well as a psychology degree has been a great asset to him in being able to address the whole child and take into account his emotional well being as an integral part of his sports experience.


Boro Park Regional Head

Motty has served as an assistant Rebbe in schools, camp counselor for younger grades, and currently serves as a recess time sports director. Motty has a strong understanding of how children can achieve the best version of themselves in many facets while simultaneously prioritizing joy and fun.

Yosef Rudansky

Five Towns Regional Head

Yosef has been running the "Believe and Achieve" program or the past 3 years, gaining lots of experience in coaching kids in various sports. He is also the Assistant Commissioner for the Jewish Sports League in the 5 towns, in which approximately 500 kids play hockey, football, and basketball. During his high school years, he was part of the football, baseball, and basketball teams. Since then, Yosef has coached many teams in the community and at various camps.

Advanced Training

Yoel S.

Swimming, lifeguarding and CPR & First Aid Training

Yoel, WSI, LTI, EMT, has been teaching swimming and lifeguarding for over 10 years and has need a head lifeguard for over 10 years. He particularly enjoys leading his students through swimming exercises and watching them gain comfortably and safety awareness in the water to be safe, skilled swimmers.



I played the quarterback position in organized football for six years. I've played in competitive flag football leagues for seven years, playing with former Division One, Two and Three NCAA Football players. I've coached players from youth levels (as young as 8-9), all the way through to college players.
I have a strong understanding of the quarterback position, all positions on the field, and the strategy of football. I look forward to sharing my love of football with young people in order to help them learn about themselves, leadership, and friendship through the game.


Sports Coach
BasketballShooting Specialist

I have experience with coaching elementary kids, high schoolers, and college students for the past 15 years. I played division 1 and broke the three-point record in a game and season. I played all conference 1st team and all metropolitan 2nd team.



I’ve been coaching elementary, middle school, high school soccer for years. I played forward, center and goalie and was player to watch section 9 OCIAA for 2 consecutive years.

Grand Master Lou Ferrer

Self Defense and Karate

Lou is the Founder of the US Kodokan Federation and Ferrer’s Jujitsu USA, which teaches Aikijitsu-te, Inabikari-Ryu Jujitsu, Judo, Karate, Arnis. Lou Ferrer trained under many high ranking Black Belts in many different styles of martial arts. Professor Lou Ferrer, Sr. appeared in numerous newspaper and martial arts magazine articles throughout the years and won numerous trophies and awards. He was inducted into the Black Belt Hall of Fame and completed in kata, kumite, weapons, and self-defense in various tournaments.

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